Thank you for being here.

 My name is Elena Vaughan Litz, aka E Vaughan D. I started painting as a tool for therapy after college. It filled me with crazy joy. I was processing so much emotional instability at the time (some that I was even unaware of) that it was a wonderful outlet to really feel present in myself. Something that had since prior proven difficult for me to do.

Like all artist my journey started well before I picked up my first paint brush.  I had always been part of the physically arts (playing musical instruments, dancing, and theater).  While I was in high school, I started developing a passion for digital video recording and editing. I attended liberal Arts college in a small town called Sewanee, TN. There I got to challenge myself in so many directions when it came to my creative side. A liberal arts degree isn’t like a marketing degree, It’s a diverse experience in all things. A total emersion of education. I believe watching a liberal art’s alumni walk their journey in life is like watching a caterpillar become a butterfly,

Truly Transformative.

After I graduated, I joined the medical field because a) what are you actually going to do with a History degree?! And b) I saw an incredible need for caregivers, nurses, and medical providers. I have always wanted to help people and I don’t get pushed back by the gross and ugly things that life throws us.  I quickly started a 2nd undergrad in Nursing, and after my 3rd attempt at Statistics, left to do medical sales in Ophthalmology. I loved it.  I love being in surgery and getting to help doctors find the best equipment for them to be the most successful version of themselves.  I saw happy patients because their sight had been restored!

I have always been hyper aware of sight. And the gift that it is to us. I think its amazing that my green is completely different than anyone else’s. That what I see is from my perspective and through my literal lens.

Which leads me back to painting… the tool I use to express myself. The outlet I seek to continuing my journey of self-awareness and growth as both a person and an artist. I have spent endless hours trying to teach myself to slow down and be present. To allow these feelings safe passage through me rather than barriers of my growth.

My art is the catalyst for this. It forces me to slow down (because you can't just erase Resin). Yes, you can work over it.... but that layer is always there and will always be a part of it. When I look at any form of art, I see all the moments the process captured. I see it filled with emotions and part of a much larger story. The evolution of an artist comes from their ability to see change in themselves as both boundless and mandatory. 


This venture took form from the ashes of being a painter.  How do I make my art accessible to anyone who wants it? I had to change the way I displayed it. 

Enter: Making Lifestyle Art

My hope is to bring you my artwork in all different forms in such a way as to match your lifestyle! An E Vaughan D is an experience. It should provoke the soul in some way!  Each "Print" comes from a difference space emotionally, and no 2 are the same. What you choose from any one of my collections is just as much a part of the art as me painting it. 

Thank you for being part of my story and a representation of my passion!



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