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Sizing Chart for EVD Dixie & 67 Leggings

Return Policy

100% Want you to love whatever EVD item you choose! We will happily accept any (unused) returns for store credit so that you can pick out something else that will work best for you! Since items are custom made per each order we cannot accept Full returns. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to order or always feel free to reach out with any questions on any item! Email: info@evaughand.com with Order # and return request.

What is with all the weird terms and names?

So much of my story and my life comes from growing up all over the US. My folks were born and raised in Alabama (ROLL TIDE). I was born in NC, before we moved to the Baltimore during my middle school days. Then packing up for a cross country move to LA (Los Angeles for all those southern folks thinking its Lower Alabama). I went off to college in Tennessee and when I graduated college, I moved to Montana. I made my way back to the West Coast to rejoin my family in San Francisco. Shortly after my return to the Bay I met my hubby, Nick, in Seattle on the Fourth of July, 2014 and have been here ever since. I always joke when someone says, "Where are you from?" Because I say "dude", "like," and "y'all" in the same sentence. :)

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